Hanging Frame Diamond Painting (40*30cm - Black)

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>>> Please check the size description carefully when choosing the size <<<

PRE-SALE (Need 10 days to prepare)
Material: PVC+wood stick
Color: Black/White/Light Gray/Dark Gray/Rose/Navy Blue/Green/Pink/Orange/Blue

Question 1:

What is "S, F, H" mean?
"S" means Vertical frame
"F" means Square photo frame
"H" means Horizontal frame

Question 2:

What is "Canvas Size" and "Adapted Drawing Core Size" means?
Red Dot means "Canvas Size";  Green Dot means "Adapted Drawing Core Size"

Question 3:

How to convert centimeters to inches?

Canvas Size-30*30cm = 11.7in*11.7in, Adapted Size - 25*25cm = 9.75in*9.75in
Size: 30*40cm = 11.7in*15.96in, Adapted Size - 25*35cm = 11.7in*13.65in

Horizontal frame >>>

Canvas-40*30(H) : 40*30cm/15.75x11.81in (Adapted canvas size) = 35*25cm/9.84x13.78in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Canvas-50*40(H) : 50*40cm/19.69x15.75in (Adapted canvas size) = 45*35cm/17.72x13.78in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Vertical frame >>> 

Canvas-30*40(S) : 30*40cm/11.81x15.75in (Adapted canvas size) = 25*35cm/9.84x13.78in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Canvas-40*50(S) : 40*50cm/15.75x19.69in (Adapted canvas size) = 35*45cm/13.78x17.72in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Canvas-30*60(S) : 30*60cm/11.81x23.62in (Adapted canvas size) = 25*55cm/9.84x21.65in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Square photo frame >>>

Canvas-30*30(F): 30*30cm/11.81x11.81in (Adapted canvas size) = 25*25cm/9.84x9.84in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Canvas-40*40(F): 40*40cm/15.75x15.75in (Adapted canvas size) = 35*35cm/13.78x13.78in (Adapted drawing core size: );

Question 4:

What accessories are in the package?
1*Wood Stick
1*PVC Frame
2*Hanging Tassels

Question 5:

How to DIY?
The operation combination is very simple and easy.
You only need to insert the wooden sticks into the hanger, fix the long ribbon on the two sides of the wooden stick, and fix the hanging ears on the two corners below the hanger.

Please Note:

Only an unpainted frame
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.